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Portal to Presence


for women ready to create Midlife Magic

with Enicia Fisher & Kim Sarsons

October 29 – November 4, 2024


Celebrate and create a life well-lived by embracing the teachings of death.

Gain mindfulness & spiritual practices for truly living in the present moment, so you don’t miss out on the precious gift of life.

Immerse yourself in a life-enriching week of personal empowerment and transformation with the joyful backdrop of this magical city’s all-out celebration of this unique Mexican holiday.

7 days/6 nights Transformative Retreat
in the “World’s Best Small City”

“Just as the butterfly is meant to fly free from the murky confines of the chrysalis, you’re meant to fully live this one precious life!”


Why a Dia de los Muertos Retreat?

To reflect on death and honor our ancestors, and the wisdom of both, is one of the surest ways to enhance present life experience. True transformation doesn’t necessarily mean you go home and radically change your life — but through significant inner shifts you can change your own presence, the quality of your interactions and relationships, and your own influence in your life.

As women in midlife, we have experienced so much in life already -education, careers, family, loss, challenge and triumph. For many of us, we are now stepping into a new phase of life. We can be more intentional about where we want to direct our energy and attention. Let’s do this with an awareness of how precious this gift of life is and a commitment to live fully present, to not miss out on the sacred moments offered to us each and every day.

Portal to Presence Retreat is an opportunity for you to enter a lively contemplation of what it means to live your best life, an invitation into a state of being, pure Presence, which is your true divine Nature. This retreat is an opportunity to dive deep into this seemingly abstract concept with all your senses, with a sense of vitality, adventure and a sense of wonder.

Who is this retreat for?

The rich thematic tapestry and festive celebrations around Día de los Muertos provide a compelling backdrop for women who are ready to reflect and contemplate what makes a life of meaning, purpose, service, beauty, freedom and joy.

As women in midlife, we come together for personal growth and transformation, ready to leave behind the roles and conditioning that have perhaps confined us to lives that we know are not our most authentic self-expressions.

We are ready to honor the past, fully embrace the present moment, and shape a future that inspires us and fulfills our deepest heart’s desires.

For women in the midst of career change or another big life transition: reflect on your own personal dharma, life vision, the particular gifts only you can offer the world, get clear about where you wish to devote your energy, and set intentions for a life experience that aligns with your heart and soul.

For women who’ve experienced a significant change in family or home life (empty nest, separation or divorce), or are perhaps in the middle of it: connect with like-minded women and get inspired by their stories, explore your own new interests, and embrace the next chapter with renewed energy.

For women experiencing personal loss: find solace and healing by honoring your personal journey, the memories and influence of a loved one, or a long-term dream that has not come to fruition.

Spiritual Seekers: align with teachings of mindfulness and soulful practices and rituals that help you truly live fully present and able to create and appreciate sacred moments for spiritual growth.

Women Seeking Renewal, Self-Care and Wellness: death teaches us to slow down and savor life, to rest and rejuvenate and engage in activities like yoga, meditation, and healthy eating to maintain physical and mental well-being and promote relaxation, self-reflection, and inner peace.

Creatives and Cultural Enthusiasts: Explore new personal practices for your creative outlets and connect with the lively and uniquely vibrant Mexican cultural traditions and heritage.

Women Seeking Connection: Enjoy new adventures with like-hearted women in a supportive environment, fostering new friendships and a sense of belonging.


Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon? Tell me, what is it you plan to do, with your one wild and precious life?  –Mary Oliver



  • Communion with Sacred Plant Allies
  • Heart Alignment Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Face Yoga, & Restorative Sound Healing in extended Savasana
  • Excursions to local hot springs
  • Guided Meditations, Life Visioning & Contemplative Journaling
  • Ancestral Foods: Delicious, Healthy Ayurvedic-Inspired Mexican Cuisine
  • Create an ofrenda, or ancestors altar, and visit community altars
  • Join the annual community Dia de los Muertos Parades & Cemetery Festivities with your face painted!
  • Connect to your heart, soul & the spirit world and receive guidance & inspiration for living your best life



We focus on inner shifts that will help you return to a life you love

  • Relax and reset your nervous system with two excursions to our favorite local hot springs, communing with the water element and honoring its spiritual presence in your life
  • Deepen your relationship to Sacred Plant Allies such as cannabis, blue lotus and other sacred smokes, learning how to “roll” and to integrate meditative practices with plant spirits into your life
  • Open your heart and senses in our authentic Cacao Offering (you help make the cacao!)
  • Be transported and connect to the spirit world in a mystical Ancestral Sound Journey featuring traditional indigenous instruments (offered by an archaeologist and Pre-hispanic Musicologist)
  • Explore the connection between body, heart and spirit in daily Heart Alignment Yoga infused with inspired wisdom teachings
  • Connect to Nature in our beautiful meditation gardens and on a guided Vision Walk in nature


Be Our Guest in a Classic San Miguel de Allende Villa

Welcome to Sanadora Sanctuary, our private villa reserved exclusively for your retreat.

Relax in a homelike atmosphere nestled in the hills, with views of a gorgeous nature reserve to the north and the city skyline to the west (glorious sunsets!)

Our wrap-around terraces offer the best views in all of San Miguel, and plenty of space for you to relax with new friends or spend some time alone soaking up the beauty and peace in a quiet nook or in the garden.


A Sanctuary for your Sacred Journey

Feel at home in our private retreat villa, dedicated exclusively to healing retreats, maintaining an energy of peace and sacred space for all our guests.

Four of our bedrooms feature nature views and French doors out to the terraces.

Our six comfortable guest rooms each have an ensuite bathroom, all cotton linens, local artisan textiles and boho chic simpicity.

Room assignments are first come, first served. Addtional lodging and private room upgrades are available at a neighboring well-appointed villa with city views and a rooftop terrace.


Be Nurtured by Ancestral Foods

Enjoy a week of home-cooked, Ayurvedic-Inspired Healthy Adaptations of “La Cocina de Abuela” – a fresh, healthy twist on all the flavors and sauces you’d enjoy in a Mexican grandmother’s kitchen!

Enjoy the local mole, (a special fragrant sauce made fresh by a local abuela with cacao, nuts, fruit and spices), vegetarian albóndigas in chipotle tomato sauce, and a steaming cup of café de olla in the mornings.

Our standard menus are vegetarian/vegan and occasional pescatarian dishes.

Please inquire about special dietary accomodations.

We leave one meal each day free (lunch or dinner) to give our guests the opportunity to enjoy San Miguel’s wonderful variety of restaurants and famous foodie scene!

Curanderismo: The Healing Arts of Mexico

Nurture your body and spirit through our unique in-house spa offerings that incorporate the rich legacy of Mexico’s ancestral healing arts, a wealth of healing practices called Curanderismo.

These therapeutic practices traditionally include attention to the energy body as well as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual.

Our team of Sanadoras, all women healers, are here to nurture you with their unique variety of healing modalities (see the Spa Menu for appointments & pricing):

  • Sobada Traditional Holistic Massage tends to your nervous system, energetic body, fascia & muscle
  • Rebozo (shawl wrapping) massage integrates your body and spirit after a re-birth experience
  • Limpias with sacred smokes of copal and tobacco remove unwanted energies and restore energetic balance, calling in the blessings of spirit
  • Traditional Flower & Herb Steam & Oil Facials, Baño de Hierbas foot baths with medicinal herbs, and Clay Body Mask Ritual detoxify, relax, and heal the body while connecting you to the elements of nature

Indigenous Ceremonies by Azalea

Sound Healing

Special Guest Jonathan Carl Flemister, Master Sound Healer from NYC, will offer sound healing sessions during this retreat! We will experience extended Restorative Savasana with the meditative healing frequencies of Tibetan bowls, gong, tuning forks, and indigenous instruments bringing sounds of nature as well.

About Your Guides

Enicia Fisher

Enicia has devoted herself to facilitating transformative retreats for more that 12 years, with 8 years living in Mexico and offering retreats.

She founded Sanadora Sanctuary to share her vision of a community-integrated healing center incorporating Earth-Based Wisdom Traditions and Teachings, powerful plant medicine allies, and deep connection to spirit.


Kime – Kim Sarsons

Kim is a creative leader and plant medicine alchemist with a passion for supporting women on the midlife journey. Her intense experience with critical illness catalyzed her to become a coach, author, circle facilitator, end of life doula, and retreat facilitator. A lifelong learner, Kim follows non-conventional paths and encourages women to live authentically outside of their comfort zone.



Make memories and gain personal practices that last a lifetime, and experience inner shifts that create lasting benefits in your life. Savor every-day moments with gratitude, peace and presence.


$3997 Double Occupancy
$4997 Private Upgrade

  • 7 days / 6 nights retreat program
  • Lodging at a private villa
  • 2 meals per day
  • All retreat excursions and programs
  • On the ground transportation
  • Airport transfer

Reserve Your Space

Contact Enicia or Kim to arrange payment or set up a connection call for more info:

Enicia: sanadorasanctuary@gmail.com

Kim: kimsarsons@gmail.com