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Are you navigating a pivotal life transition and struggling to find direction?

Welcome To Journey to the Heart Yoga & Hot Springs Retreat: “A Transformative Retreat for Women Facing A Crossroads”

with Enicia Fisher, M.Ed., E-RYT 500

Founder of Sanadora Sanctuary and Sanadora Yoga International

Offered for the Solstices and Equinoxes this year:

June 21-27

Sept. 21-27

Dec. 15-21

This 7-day retreat in the heart of Mexico, set in the magical small city of San Miguel de Allende, will empower you to reclaim your independence and channel your intuition. Learn how to tune back into the truest desires of your heart, and leave with a renewed sense of self and clear direction on what’s next for your life.

Not Sure What “Following Your Heart” Even Looks Like?

I’ve been there, and it was full of stops, starts, and detours that took me off course until I learned what it’s really about: finally coming home to the life you’ve always wanted to live–by discovering the depth of love, wisdom, and guidance within your very own spiritual Heart, the sanctuary of divinity within you. By developing an intimate relationship with my own True Nature and inner resources, I know have an unfailing guide (and sometimes guardian!) that accompanies me in my daily life journey. It’s not all roses and sunshine, but I feel grounded and resilient during the tough times, instead of being overcome by anxiety, depression, stress, and overwhelm.

This is your time to get reacquainted with your authentic self, true heart’s desires, and soul calling.

    • Connect with your spiritual side by embracing guided practices designed to bring your heart’s truest desires to the surface to illuminate your path forward.
    • Expand your support system by connecting with a community of women on the same journey of rebirth, and who really understand what you’re going through.
    • Rejuvenate body and mind with daily yoga sessions focusing on the heart, so you can harness your energy to gain clarity in your life.

Know your heart is guiding you to make a change if you:

    • Have struggled to adjust to recent life transitions, casting shadows on even your closest relationships.
    • Feel paralyzed trying to make decisions, turning even the simplest choices into steep challenges.
    • Struggle to keep your internal thoughts from spiraling to the worst-case scenario over the smallest hiccups.
    • Can’t remember the last time you had “me time,” as self-care has moved to the bottom of your priority list.
    • Feel like none of your friends really “get” you anymore, and your social life has become lackluster at best.

In the middle of a “Wilderness Experience?”

Allow these moments of loss and feeling lost  to be your guide in showing you where your heart truly wants to be.

Starting over is far from failure.

This is your chance to renew yourself and re-envision your life, creating it in alignment with your authentic self and core values.

Are you ready to stop daydreaming and merge your dream life with reality?

Have you spent a lifetime nurturing others and neglecting yourself? Working hard to gain approval and success, while still not feeling secure or self-assured?

Then no wonder you’ve been questioning, “Is this really all there is?” lately. 

This innate dissatisfaction is your heart, soul, or body urging you to rediscover and honor your own needs, passions, and desires.

So if you’ve been feeling antsy, understimulated, or caught in a cycle of negativity – you’re not alone. It takes courage to pivot from external validation towards internal fulfillment. Consider this not a sign of failure or endless frustration, but of readiness for a profound shift.

This retreat is designed for women seeking not just to daydream of a life filled with joy, direction, and purpose – but to make it their reality.

Consider this your personal invitation to embark on a journey of empowerment and self-reclamation.

During the “Journey to the Heart” retreat you can expect to:

  • Rediscover what pleasure means to you by learning to prioritize joy and ease in your day-to-day life so your true essence can shine.
  • Learn how to tune into your intuition, and what “trusting your gut” really feels like. 
  • Embrace your power by shifting from celebrating external achievements to inner strength and guidance instead.
  • Nurture deep, life-long connections as you forge bonds with women on parallel paths, creating a network of support and shared understanding.
  • Witness profound personal growth as you unearth your deepest truths through introspection, guided activities, and the sacred space to ask, “What do I need?”

It’s time to stop believing that prioritizing yourself is selfish; but rather a rebirth into living with intention.

The Outcomes

What can you expect to unfold when you embrace a life that truly honors your deepest needs and desires?