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Retreat Leader Immersion

Are you a Retreat Leader feeling stuck or struggling to get your dream off the ground?

Welcome to the Retreat Leader Immersion:

Your Solution to Empowered Transformational Retreat Leadership

This 7-day mentorship experience in San Miguel, Mexico will give you the tools to overcome the logistical and marketing challenges holding you back from hosting your dream retreat. Learn how to confidently design, market, and host your retreat while ensuring your guests have the transformative journey you’ve been longing for.

Treat yourself to your own retreat immersion experience as you gain invaluable expertise from Enicia Fisher, Founder of Sanadora Sanctuary, with 12 years experience leading retreats, and expert travel and retreat marketer Rebecca Wells.

November 11 – 17, 2024
San Miguel de Allende, MX

Be a guest in our private retreat villa, 
Sanadora Sanctuary, nestled in the hills above
the “World’s Best Small City”

Have You Lost Confidence in Your Ability to Create a Transformational Retreat?


It’s time to empower yourself to lead with confidence and come home to the life you’ve always envisioned for your guests —and for yourself.

Ignite yourself with your inner calling and finally bring your retreat vision to life by:

Connecting with Your Purpose

Embrace guided practices that reveal your truest intentions and unlock the transformational journey you’re meant to lead.


Building a Support Network

Grow with a community of like-minded retreat hosts, all seeking to refine their purpose and elevate their impact through mentorship, collaboration, and connection.

Restoring Balance 

 Nourish your body and mind with gourmet meals crafted from local superfoods, while finding inspiration amid the tranquil Mexican landscapes.

You’ll know it’s time to join the Retreat Host Immersion if you:

  • Feel paralyzed by the logistics and marketing challenges of hosting a retreat, causing you to question your ability to actually pull it off.
  • Find yourself second-guessing your purpose and doubting your readiness to lead your guests through a profound transformation.
  • Are dreading having to get the word out or promote your services with no idea where to start.
  • You want to integrate a retreat into your business model, but aren’t sure how to weave it into the rest of your offer.
This retreat is your opportunity to level up your entire business, expand your positive impact, and unlock new possibilities with transformational retreat hosting.
Are You Pouring Into Others While Your Own Retreat Vision Falls Behind?

No wonder you’re wondering, “Is this the best my career can offer?”

That frustration is a sign that it’s time to finally listen to your heart and honor your own dreams and desires.

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or like your retreat vision is slipping away, know that you’re not alone. Finding your true calling and leaving behind what’s familiar isn’t a failure—it’s the first step toward building something far greater. 

This retreat is designed for first-time hosts who don’t just want to dream of building a thriving retreat business—they want to turn that dream into reality.



This is your invitation to immerse yourself in a transformational journey.

During the “Retreat Host Immersion” retreat, you can expect to:

Reignite Your Joy
Learn how to prioritize fulfillment and joy in your daily schedule, so your true purpose can shine through.

Trust Your Instincts
Tap into your intuition, discovering how “trusting your gut” can be your most valuable business strategy.

Embrace Your Power
Shift away from chasing external validation and move toward harnessing your internal energy for deeper transformation.

Build Lifelong Connections
Forge bonds with fellow retreat hosts on similar journeys, forming a network of encouragement and wisdom.

Gain Profound Clarity
Uncover your deepest goals through self-reflection, expert workshops, and a sacred space to ask, “How do I truly align with my mission?”

The Outcomes

What can you expect when you embrace a framework that ensures a profitable, transformative retreat?

Clarity & Confidence

Gain a clear vision for your retreat, feeling secure in every decision from theme to venue.
Design a retreat rhythm that aligns with your values and expertise.
Acknowledge your worth beyond imposter syndrome, recognizing the value you bring as a leader.
Embrace authentic marketing strategies that resonate with your unique voice and attract aligned attendees.
Move from uncertainty to assurance, welcoming guests who are eager for your retreat.

Sustainable Impact & Income

Unlock the potential to build sustainable revenue by delivering retreats that guests rave about and recommend.
Design repeatable frameworks that provide a consistent, high-quality experience, helping you scale with ease.
Foster a supportive network of other retreat hosts, creating opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth.
Transition from guessing to knowing what works, confidently setting prices that reflect your worth.

Purpose-Driven Growth

Learn to prioritize your well-being and transformation as the foundation of your retreat’s success.
Fall in love with the planning process, seeing challenges as opportunities to deepen your expertise.
Discover how your journey can shape and refine your retreat’s offerings, providing an irreplaceable signature style.
Craft purposeful strategies that ensure your guests leave transformed, energized, and ready to return.

This journey is more than just creating a profitable retreat —it’s about building a life where you feel fulfilled, aligned, and connected with your mission.

Master the Logistics, Market with Confidence, and Lead from the Heart

Discover the perfect balance between mastering retreat logistics and nurturing your inner energy. 

The workshops and practices during your Retreat Immersion experience will help you craft a profitable, impactful retreat while embodying the transformation you aspire to provide.

Practical Workshops 

Create a clear, practical blueprint for a successful retreat, covering everything from defining your retreat’s theme and audience to designing a transformative guest experience.

Personal Transformation & Energy Work

Align your intentions and energy with your retreat’s mission, embodying the transformation you want to inspire in your guests.

You will level up into your retreat hosting era through:

  • Vision and Clarity: Reflect on your retreat vision and turn uncertainty into confidence with guided practices that help you refine your purpose.
  • Community and Collaboration: Find solidarity among other retreat hosts and like-minded individuals, sharing wisdom and forging bonds that foster growth and joy.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Cultivate a safe space for introspection, deepening your self-awareness to lead authentically and create transformative experiences for your guests.

Your Itinerary:

Day 1: 

Your hassle-free airport transfer will bring you straight to the serene embrace of Sanadora Sanctuary, where refreshing welcome drinks and the grounding energy of a Copal Blessing set the tone for your transformative journey. An evening Candlelight Restorative Yoga prepares your body and mind for the days ahead with intention and tranquility

Day 2: 

Start the day with a heart-centered yoga and meditation session to tune into your inner rhythm and ground yourself in your new home for the week. Journey to the local botanical gardens for a nature hike and vision walk to deepen your connection to Earth’s energies and your own intuition, providing a grounding counterpoint to the retreat’s explorations.

By the end of the day, you will: 

Vision to clarify your Dharma, your unique life offering;  

identify your ideal audience / community members

how your retreat will serve in their transformation.

Day 3: 

Spend the morning in nature’s embrace in the healing tranquility of the local hot springs, where the soothing waters invite rest and rejuvenation. After a siesta we’ll join for an inspiring workshop and dinner, rounded off with a serene session of candlelight restorative yoga before you slip into bed for sweet dreams.

WORKSHOP: Identify and craft your impactful transformative retreat theme, and generate your Clear Purpose and Messaging. Share and collaborate with each other for expanded inspiration and clarity.

Day 4: 

After morning Heart Alignment Yoga & Meditation, explore the “magic” of San Miguel’s historic center with a guided tour of its plazas, gorgeous cobblestone streets full of boutiques, markets, and art galleries, and the warm-hearted people who call this place home.

WORKSHOP: Delve into your own personal transformational journey with guided journaling exercises that help you identify areas of growth and learn practices to shift your energies and mindsets to support your growth trajectory as you step into retreat leadership.

Day 5: 

Indulge in another Hot Springs resort, this time for a Floating Sound Bath, merging the therapeutic properties of water and sound for profound inner peace. 

The day culminates in a Cacao Circle and Ancestral Sound Journey, to integrate all the new experiences of mind, heart, body & soul.

WORKSHOP: Messaging vs. Marketing–Learn the art of sharing with your audience the specific values and value you offer to enrich their lives. Learn spiritual practices that enhance your ability to match with your ideal community and retreat guests.

Day 6: 

After a morning Heart-centered yoga and meditation, we’ll co-create an altar to anchor in your intentions as a retreat leader and our collective shared purpose. (You’ll also learn how to create your own altars for your future personal practice and future retreats.)


WORKSHOP: We’ll dive into marketing and you’ll leave with a 30-day retreat launch plan, as well as a 9-month plan to create and facilitate your transformative retreat! 

Celebrate your growth and journey with a sunset dinner at a premier rooftop restaurant as you take in the world-class views.

Day 7: 

Our journey together comes to a heartfelt conclusion with a final grounding yoga session and communal brunch, followed by a Gratitude Circle and Land Offering. This closing circle is your moment to honor your new connections and the personal transformation you’ve experienced, sealing the week with heartfelt appreciation and a renewed sense of purpose.

Discover the Magic of Sanadora Sanctuary

Nestled in the vibrant heart of San Miguel de Allende, Sanadora Sanctuary offers a luxurious, private retreat setting tailored for transformation.

Here’s a glimpse of what makes our venue the perfect choice for your retreat:

  • Luxurious Private Villa: Enjoy 7500 sq ft of elegance with panoramic views of city skylines and serene garden landscapes.
  • Versatile Event Space: From yoga studios to workshop rooms, our spaces are designed to host a variety of transformative activities.
  • Six Serene Guest Rooms: Accommodating 6-12 guests, each room provides comfort and privacy with its own ensuite bathroom.
  • In-House Luxury: Elevate the retreat experience with gourmet meals from our private chef and holistic spa treatments.

Dive deeper into what makes Sanadora Sanctuary a premier choice for retreat leaders seeking excellence and authenticity.

Are You Ready To Finally Start Living The Life You Deserve?

Starting at $3799, here’s everything that’s included in your retreat experience:

  • Seven Days of Serenity: Enjoy six nights at the private and spacious Sanadora Sanctuary residence, designed for peace, comfort, and rejuvenation.
  • Daily Heart Alignment Practices: Awaken each morning to Heart Alignment Yoga and meditation sessions led by the highly experienced Enicia Fisher, designed to facilitate deep inner connection and alignment.
  • Ceremonies for Soulful Connection: Set your intentions during the Opening Ceremony, prepare your heart for transformation during the Cacao Offering, recalibrate your nervous system during the Sound Journey, and integrate your new you during the Gratitude Mandala Closing Ceremony.
  • 3 Excursions in San Miguel: See the land like a local during guided excursions through the historic highlights of San Miguel, a vision walk and nature hike at our local botanical gardens, and relax in the healing waters of our favorite local hot springs.



  • Daily Nourishing Cuisine: Savor six superfood-packed smoothie bowl breakfasts and six fresh, delightful meals (lunch or dinner each day), meticulously prepared to nourish your body and soul. 
  • Transportation & Entrance Fees: Your retreat includes all transportation and entrance fees for guided group excursions.


Arrival & Departure Airport Transfers: Begin and end your journey with ease, thanks to included airport transfer services (shared van shuttle) from Guanajuato (BJX) or Queretaro (QRO) airports.

Meet Your Guide: Enicia Fisher

Walking through life’s transitions isn’t just a path Enicia Fisher has studied; it’s one she’s lived. From navigating the pain of divorce to experiencing a profound spiritual reawakening, to shifting her career in a bold new direction, Enicia has faced more than her share of do-overs. Yet, it’s her journey through these transformations, learning the hard way the importance of living one’s truth, that has deeply equipped her to guide others.

Now, as the heart behind Sanadora Yoga International and holding a Master’s in Education and certifications as an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500 and YACEP with Yoga Alliance), Enicia has turned her life’s lessons into a mission of healing and connection through yoga and meditation.

Living in San Miguel de Allende for the last __ years, Enicia has become an integral part of the community. Collaborating with local healers and artisans, she crafts retreat experiences that are as deeply authentic as they are transformative. Her signature Heart Alignment Yoga and meditation practices are gateways to finding peace and clarity within, designed to align you closer to your heart’s true narrative.

Enicia Fisher is more than your retreat leader; she’s a testament to the power of embracing life’s shifts and discovering one’s truth. With her first book on the horizon, she continues to delve into and share the profound impact of personal transformation, inviting you to join her in this journey of self-discovery and heartful living.

Before discovering the world of copy and professional writing, Rebecca spent seven years developing her skills as a top-performing saleswoman in the travel and wellness industries before finishing out her corporate career as a sales ops specialist.

So why is this important to you?

Because she took on a daunting task you’d rather avoid.. 

She’s spoken to over 10,000 customers from all over the globe so YOU don’t have to.

The #1 problem she’s helped multiple retreat hosts overcome is simple: learning to speak their dream customer’s language.

Because writing is the easy part.. 

But knowing how to REALLY resonate with your DREAM customer?

Making an impact? 

THAT’S what it’s all about.

Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Strategic Copywriting from the University of Toronto, Rebecca merges her extensive experience with professional training to create winning campaigns.

Bringing your dream to life should bring joy – not stress – into your life.

So why wait to make it happen?

  • Exclusive Spaces: We keep our groups small to ensure deep connections and personal attention. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this intimate experience.
  • Time Flies: Each day that passes without action is another where your vision is stuck in the idea phase. Let’s make it real, together!
  • Joy is Calling: Life’s too short to keep your passion on hold. You deserve to bring your retreat vision to life and do it with joy, not stress.

Ready to step into the next phase of your professional transformation?

The Retreat Host Immersion is your gateway to hosting the transformational retreats you’ve always dreamed of, ones that bring clarity, fulfillment, and impact.

Let the vibrant energy of San Miguel de Allende be your canvas as you craft a retreat that inspires you and those you lead.

Thank you, Stacey Stewart of Star Brand Photography, for sharing all this beautiful pictures with us!